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The Shifting Planet

This is a game that I developed in my second year of university, created according to a development plan. My game was inspired by Neon Abyss, The Binding of Isaac and other similar games

Screenshot (135).png

The start scene, containing four buttons: Begin, Controls, Data Store and Exit Game. Begin, Controls, and Exit Game are self explanatory. Data store allows players to purchase permanent buffs for future runs

Left and below are two of a series of levels in my game, containing both enemies currently implemented, the Bat and the Snail. Killing an enemy can cause it to drop a coin, a half heart or a half shield. Both enemies AI scripts are children of an EnemyAI Parent class

Screenshot (136).png
Screenshot (139).png

An item  room, spawning once per floor. This room grants the player a free item who's effects last for the duration of the current run

Screenshot (138).png
Screenshot (137).png

A shop room, also once per floor. This room allows the player to spend coins dropped by enemies to buy a half shield, a half heart, or a randomly selected item or items

The boss room, spawning at the bottom right of each floor. Killing a boss grants the player data to be used in the data store

Screenshot (140).png
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